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Valeria Tignini was born in Brooklyn, New York and was the first born to Italian parents and has a sister and brother.  True to her Italian heritage Valeria personifies the modern day Renaissance woman as an active techie, artist, actor & writer.

Working from Silicon Alley in New York City, Valeria has been a sought after Information Architect for leading brands and Fortune 500 companies since the dot com boom.  Parallel to her professional life in technology, Valeria has been part of the social entertainment industry having been cast as a “dotcommer” on pop culture pioneer MTV’s Road Rules in 1999.  While continuing to consult for top technology companies, Valeria went on to study drama in NYC and worked on commercials, TV shows, movies and as a model in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Europe. Val's User Experience  Portfolio -

Her work on strategy, user experience and interfaces on over 40 top online properties combined with Valeria's exposure the to media inspired Valeria to launch her own venture in 2009. is an acclaimed private social network for women to share experiences through video and blogging. featured special guests like Fran Drescher (Actress), Chris Dickerson (MBA player NY Yankee), Trina Dolenz (Relationship Expert on MTV) and Rebecca Szymczak (Apparel Designer at Playboy).  ValSecrets has been hosting events in NYC for prestigious brands and charities like Swarvoski Crystalized, Burberry, Cancer Schmancer, Charity Water, designer Kieth Lissner, Trump Vodka, Trump International, and more.  In 2011 Valeria played a leading role in Bama Belles a nationally televised Docu-Soap series on the TLC network featuring Val from who moves to Dothan, Alabama to learn how women live in the South.

On December 12, 2011 Valeria underwent a life changing spiritual awakening of inner realizations of an expanding reality. Valeria is passionate about contributing to the rising consciousness of the planet through sharing her experiences both online and offline.

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