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'Bama Belles, ValSecrets.com And A Cute Malti-Poo Have Something In Common'

Nov 19, 2010 | RockSoup Productions

'Bama Belles, ValSecrets.com And A Cute Malti-Poo Have Something In Common'

Bama Belles Premiers Dec 5th at 10PM EST on TLC

New York, NY 'For Immediate Release'
The woman behind VALSECRETS.com the social networking site, that inspires, encourages and empowers females across the globe ; has added another accomplishment to her growing resume. Valeria Tignini and her charming pooch, the famous BEBE will be starring in the new, soon to be hit show BAMA BELLES. The show deals with four ladies and BEBE that live, work and play in the small southern town of Dothan, Alabama. Sounds simple right?! Not when you place a Brooklyn born and bred Italian American girl and her little dog in the mix. Let's get ready for a good time!

Nancy Daniels TLC's Senior production and development VP tells Variety 'TLC is taking a real look at the Southern lifestyle of these women in a relatable and fun way,' .

These women bring a raw view of what life is like in the deep south. They love their hunting, fishing, four wheeling and tailgating at stock car races. Let's also not forget to mention an event most people aren't accustomed to - Lawn Mower Racing. As our dear Val simply states 'people in New York actually mow their lawns with the device not race it...' Valeria also gets a severe reaction from one of the roughest belles of the bunch, when she stands up looks around and innocently states that a good portion of the crowd were missing teeth!

Please check out the teaser link below.


I challenge you all not to crack up while Valeria searches for the right words after realizing, tough girl Dakota Redding might just kick her butt back to NYC.

There is definitely more to this bunch then fried food and hunting. You cannot miss these fun and fierce Southern gals trying to balance their careers and simultaneously deal with major drama!

We do ponder though; will our beautiful, positive Valeria and adorable Bebe make it back to us or will they become Bama Belles for life?! Stay tuned to find out Dec 5th @

10pm EST! By the way, If you can't relate to any of the women on the show at least tune in for BEBE, Valeria's charming Malti - POO!

More information and press releases about Bama Belles, TLC can be found at Vanityfair.com and http://starcasm.net/archives/73151

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