Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Urban Dictionary Entry Defining the ValSecrets' Term 'Mogulista'

NEW YORK, NY, April 17, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ValSecrets, the online entertainment and social networking site, is adding to UrbanDictionary.com this week with the term, "Mogulista." UrbanDictionary defines Mogulista as a "sexier term for mogul." A mogulista is a savvy business woman who has a powerful influence over people with her knowledge and success. Valeria Tignini, owner and founder of ValSecrets.com is a perfect fit for the definition. As an entrepreneur, model, actress, and IT professional; Ms. Tignini exemplifies mogulista.

Valeria Tignini is nothing less than a modern day Renaissance woman. Each chapter of her life is more interesting than the last. In addition to her experience as an information architect for some of New York City's top companies, she was cast as a "dotcommer" on pop culture pioneer MTV's Road Rules. This experience sparked her passion for theatre and led her to study theatre, act, and model. She soon became well know for her print modeling in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Italy.Valeria has a unique perspective and experiences that most have never had the chance to experience. She wants to now share her wisdom and experiences with the world while also learning from other women as well. This need to share her secrets has sparked a passion in Valeria and this passion coupled a decade of dotcom experience had led her to create Valsecrets.com.

One year ago this month, Ms. Tignini launched ValSecrets, an online confessional forum where handpicked women from all walks of life share daily video blogs with members. Vlogs provide users with entertainment, advice, and answers to questions posted by members. The Web site does not simply focus on beauty and fashion advice, though these are categories on the site. Other categories on the site include self-esteem and awareness, finance, life experiences, romantic relationships, other relationships, career, education, health, and fitness. ValSecrets is designed to be entertaining, with video blogs ranging from comedic to dramatic that present real life experiences to women in a way that captures the attention and makes the website fun and educational.

ValSecrets is more than just another social network. In the short time since its launch in April 2009, ValSecrets.com has accomplished milestones most start up Web sites can only dream of including achieving finalist status in the Forbes Boost Your Business Contest, hosting special guests on the site including Fran Drescher, and hosting multiple successful events in the New York City area that served to benefit worthy charity organizations. The future of ValSecrets keeps getting brighter with the recent launch of ValSecretsTeens and a Web show on UBAtv; in addition to the pending launch of a new advertising system, partnerships, ValSecretsKids, reality show, jewelry line, and book series.

For more information on ValSecrets, visit http://www.valsecrets.com or contact Valeria Tignini at valtignini@valsecrets.com. For additional information on Urban Dictionary, visit UrbanDictionary.com.

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